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A VerClare Boutique Style Guide

  • Leaving Postpartum Depression in 2019: A raw look into my life these past few months.

    It's a weird feeling when you go from a super functioning, task-oriented person to not wanting to get out of bed. To feeling like the simplest task such as taking a shower seems overwhelming.

    I'll never forget the crazy thoughts running through my head, the feeling of sadness that was clouding all my day-to-day events and the anger I felt towards people, my husband...

    Rilee May was born on July 8th this year and it felt like that weird?  I was just so excited (and nervous) to bring her into this world.  We had way too many...

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  • Updated Shopping Hours & Jenny’s Thanksgiving Side Dish Staple!

    Let’s talk Thanksgiving.


    You know what I LOVE about this holiday? It’s the perfect time to remind us to slowwwww.down.  I know why it’s been strategically placed between Halloween and the hustle & bustle of Christmas. It’s the break we all need, and I’m THANKful for it for so many reasons. I love hearing of everyone’s traditions, what your thankful for, what’s on your family menus, and hearing how full everyone is after :).


    One thing I’d like to share today is a recipe that is a staple for my...

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  • Oh hey! It's been a while!

    We haven’t written a blog post in a while, because honestly things are very busy these days. Rilee joined our family in July, our home renovation was (almost) finished right before that, the two boys are active with sports and starting kindergarten, and we expanded our warehouse recently which offers us more space to work but also an easier shopping area for our locals.  Y’all get it!!

    I did want to take a moment to thank you all for sticking with us and being a big part of our community. You make VerClare what it...

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  • Getting to Know VerClare: Ryanne Day

    This week we are getting a bit more insight into the once intern, turned employee, Ryanne Day.

    Tell us about your yourself: School, where you're from etc.

    I am from Springfield, IL but I moved up to Bloomington, IL to go to Illinois State University. I originally was going for a general marketing degree but all the accounting/finance/math based classes definitely made me nervous so I decide to take a left...

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  • Get to Know VerClare: Jenny Parker

    This week we are learning a bit more about Jenny Parker! You are probably familiar with her if you are part of the Facebook VIP group, and she's behind most of the social media on our other social media platforms!


    (I spy a VerClare top in that photo!)


    What is your role at VerClare?

    I handle the social media and online marketing.


    How long have you been working for VerClare?

    I have been working for VerClare for a fun, fun...

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