Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome back ladies! Sorry for the delayed posting, things have been busy for us ladies at VerClare! This week we thought that it might be helpful to answer some commonly asked questions and have it all laid out in one blog to hopefully help you out if you run into any of these questions!


How does a gift card work? How it is received/used?

Our gift cards can be purchased online under the "shop by category" tab. You can choose from different dollar amounts from $5-$100. Gift cards will then be emailed to you electronically. You can use them when checking out by putting in the gift card code in the "discount code" box when putting in other payment information. Another thing to note is that if you purchase something in full with a gift card and end up needing a refund, the money will be refunded to the gift card to use for your next purchase.

Do gift cards expire?

Gift cards do not expire, with the exception of the gift cards that are given in giveaways and have stated expiration dates. For example, gift cards are sometimes given away for viewers of our weekly Facebook live videos, and those typically have an expiration date that is mentioned in the giveaway/video. This also applies to giveaways for commenting on posts, inviting new members, etc. and will be stated if they do expire, otherwise they are good until they are gone!

How do I purchase a gift card for someone else?

As stated above, you purchase gift cards online and they are emailed to you. You can either send the gift card straight to the receiver's email or you can email it to yourself and either email it to them later, or print it out and give it to them that way. 

How does store credit work?

At VerClare, we sometimes offer store credit for items returned etc. This credit works just like our gift cards and we will send you a code to use at checkout just like mentioned above.

Is VerClare open for shopping hours? How to know when it will be open?

The shop being open for shopping hours depends on the schedule of the VerClare staff.  We are mostly just an online boutique but, whenever we have shopping hours we will post them on the Facebook and Instagram pages with the time, date and address. These posts will appear in our Facebook Business page: VerClare Boutique, our VIP Facebook Page: VerClare Boutique VIP, and our Instagram page: verclareboutique.

How do you return items?

We understand, sometimes things don't work out and you'd like to return them, and we are happy to help because we want you to LOVE your items! Each order comes with a packing slip inside with your items purchased. At the bottom of the page you'll find our return policy that states the criteria for returning an item. You have 14 days from the day you received the item to send it back to the shop for store credit. Please know that the return may be subject to a $4.99 restocking fee, this is applied if you did not pay shipping on the original order. You are also responsible for the cost of shipping the item eligible for returning. Please include your packing slip in the returned order. We also do not take returns for any sale or pre-ordered items.

Where do we send returns?

202 S. Veto St., Chenoa IL 61726

Can items be exchanged?

We know buying online can be challenging when deciding what size to buy because you can't simply try things on. We try our best to explain sizing in the item description, on our posts and in comments, as well as in Facebook live videos etc. Feel free to use any of those sources to help you decide on sizing! But if you happen to purchase an item that you love but just need a different size in, we ask that you go online to our website and purchase the correct size that you need and then send us an email at to explain the need for an exchange. You will need to return the incorrect sized item to the shop (address listed above) and we will refund your first purchase cost (for only the item being exchanged) once we have received your item. We will make sure to get your properly sized item out to you asap!  

What do I do if I receive a damaged item?

We work hard to check all the items that come in for any damages, as well as checking them before packaging orders. Unfortunately, we aren't perfect and sometimes there are things we don't catch before shipping the item out. On this rare occasion, we ask that you email to let us know the issue. We will ask that you ship the item back to our shop-include the shipping receipt- and we will credit the shipping cost.  Once we receive the damaged item, we can ship you a non-damaged item if we still have it in the same size/color. If not, we are happy to work with you to find a different color or size that may still work for you, or we can simply refund the price of the item.

Can sale items be exchanged?

As mentioned above, our packing slips that come with your order state that we do not take returns of any sale or pre-ordered item. When possible, we will try to accommodate an equal exchange. If you have any questions, feel free to email us about any issue with sale items you may have.

How to contact VerClare Boutique?

Copy of our packing slip with return information:


Hopefully this is helpful for you ladies in case you have any of these questions! Feel free to ask any others not answered in this blog in the comments and we will get back to you asap!



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