VerClare Fundraiser - How You Helped Make a Difference

VerClare Fundraiser - How You Helped Make a Difference

VerClare Fundraiser - How You Helped Make a Difference

We know this post has been a long time coming, but as usual, life gets in the way sometimes! We are just now finally finding a little time to let you all know just how you helped make a difference to those in need this past holiday season. 

As many of you may remember, Cristina had mentioned in the VIP Facebook group that some of you lovely ladies had said you wanted a "VerClare" shirt or other brand merchandise. Cristina was so humbled by this, and felt so grateful that you all wanted to support her business, but wanted to find a way to show her appreciation in a special way. She decided that she would create and sell a cute VerClare shirt, but rather than keeps the profits, she wanted to donate 100% of the profits to people, organizations and families in need. 

So after figuring out a design for the shirt she decided on the phrase, "Cultivate Kindness." The design was officially finalized on October 20th, 2018 and were going to be available from size small-XXXL, for the price of $36. All profits from these shirt were going to be either donated or used to purchase items to donate to several different schools, or organizations.





The shirts became available for pre-order on the website on October 23, and by October 29, we had already raised $662! Cristina did a live video on Facebook to talk about how thankful she was for all the support and how she was starting to plan the different places the money would be donated.  






The pre-order was closed on October 31, and at that time we had sold 45 fundraiser tees, including a few donations, for a total of $950 to be donated to those in need.

With this money we were able to donate:

  • Socks and underwear to approximately 100 girls and boys at Prairie Central Primary West, an elementary school in Chenoa IL
  • Clothing, hair accessories, socks, games, and math practice books to children at Prairie Central Upper Elementary in Fairbury IL
  • Socks, underwear, long johns, winter coats, a football and stuffed animals to Oakdale Elementary in Bloomington, IL
  • Diapers, 2 winter outfits and baby toys to The Forgotten Initiative, a Christian organization in Bloomington, IL that helps families that are in the foster care system.





Thanks to all of you we were able to provide much needed items to many children and families in need this past holiday season. We appreciate all the support from all of you and we are so grateful that you not only wanted to represent our brand, but support us in our efforts to help make a difference. 

Much love,



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