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A VerClare Boutique Style Guide

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome back ladies! Sorry for the delayed posting, things have been busy for us ladies at VerClare! This week we thought that it might be helpful to answer some commonly asked questions and have it all laid out in one blog to hopefully help you out if you run into any of these questions!


    How does a gift card work? How it is received/used?

    Our gift cards can be purchased online under the "shop by category" tab. You can...

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  • VerClare's Tried and True Favorite Pinterest Recipes

    Who doesn't use Pinterest these days? It's great for inspiration for home decoration, outfits and recipes, among of course a million other things. But when looking up "dinner ideas" or similar searches, it can be hard to know which recipes will actually be as tasty as their photo may look. We noticed how much you ladies liked our New Year's blog that featured a meal prep recipe so we decided we would give you a few other recipes from Pinterest that are our go to favorites!


    No Bake Energy Bites

    These little energy bites are...

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  • VerClare's Favorite Amazon Products

    These days, shopping in malls, stores and simply just in person, is becoming a thing of the past. Online shopping has become so easy and popular that people are turning to online stores, such as Amazon, for their purchasing needs. There are so many more options, and nowadays, there's even free 2-day shipping, which makes impulse buying sometimes that much more appealing. But with so many options it can be hard to know just which product is the best one for you, so Cristina and I compiled a list of some things from Amazon that we have tried...

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  • Starting Off the New Year Right

    It's January again, meaning everyone is trying to start fresh and make some changes in their life for the better. Some people are trying to eat healthier, exercise, spend less money or be more productive, but these things get harder with life getting thrown in the mix (aka kids, work, laundry and the list goes on). So this January, VerClare has a few tips and tricks for getting off to the right start this year!


    Make Meals a Little Quicker

    Meal prepping has gotten pretty popular these days, and though sometimes it can be hard...

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  • November's Best Sellers--The Hot List Items to have this Month!

    Hello VCB Girls! Today we are rolling out a blog featuring this months best sellers. Check them out, along with some styling tips below!

    Lynnette Knit Sweater--This cute sweater is great paired with flare jeans and booties for a dressier look or take a casual approach and pair with skinny jeans, sorels & a plaid scarf! Take it up one more notch and throw a vest over the top for a winter friendly look!
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