Get to Know VerClare: Jenny Parker

Get to Know VerClare: Jenny Parker

Get to Know VerClare: Jenny Parker

This week we are learning a bit more about Jenny Parker! You are probably familiar with her if you are part of the Facebook VIP group, and she's behind most of the social media on our other social media platforms!


(I spy a VerClare top in that photo!)


What is your role at VerClare?

I handle the social media and online marketing.


How long have you been working for VerClare?

I have been working for VerClare for a fun, fun 2+ years now.


As some may know, you and Cristina have never met in person, so how did you end up working together?

By chance! A few years ago we got connected through a network within the boutique industry/community (it was fate lol) and developed a friendship from there. Cristina is one of the most genuine, truest and caring people on the planet and has become one of my best friends. I'm so thankful that our paths have crossed. And a trip up north to Illinois is on the to do list!


What is your typical day like working for VerClare?

I review customer inquiries and the "get social." I review inventory, customer insights and do my best to market VCB things to our sweet, sweet customers. I also, assist with a little buying, review orders and plan out promotions.


What is your favorite thing about working for VerClare?

I always looked up to VerClare Boutique, so now working for such an amazing company is the best! I love the friendships that I've made along the way and love that I can be a team player with this successful, mom-run boutique, and still not miss a beat with my babies at home. I love fashion too, so having a small part in buying is also very cool! I can't just list one thing because I truly love it all.


What did you do before working for VerClare?

I've worked in sales and marketing since college but became a stay at home mom after my second was born. Being a SAHM has been the best/busiest/most rewarding job I have ever had and I wouldn't trade it for a thing!


What are your hobbies you enjoy in your free time? (If you get much!)

There's not a lot of "Jenny time" with three kids and a husband, but I do love to play golf with my husband, and we like to try new restaurants and travel. I also love photography and to craft/paint. My goal this summer is to start reading more so message me, or post your favorite books in the comments! :)


Tell us a little bit more about your family: Husband, kids, pets.

My husband, Michael, and I have been married almost 8 years and he's my best friend. We've got 3 kiddos: Zoe Reese (6), Knox (4), and Hayes (almost 2) and a sweet lab named Max! We live in Olive Branch, MS. To sum up quickly, we are a sports loving crew that lives for summer, beach vacations, cookouts with friends, good movies, yummy desserts, and traveling to new places or seeing new things as a family.


If your could travel anywhere, where might you go and why?

I'd go to Maui and stay. Forever. (Lol!)


As always, we hope you enjoyed learning more about the people behind VerClare boutique! 




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