Waffle-Tees: From Underwear To Wardrobe Necessity

Alright girls, it's been a while since I posted-but I want to talk about one of this season's hottest styles-WAFFLE KNIT. Some call it Pique, others call it Thermal Knit, and some call it Honeycomb Fabric.  These are just a few of the names for this versatile fabric that is known for its woven recessed square pattern. Not to mention, the pattern resembles one of Americas favorite breakfast foods, waffles (WHO DOESN'T LOVE WAFFLES), and is available in different weights, from very fine all the way through coarse.

Just a little extra info-waffle weave fabric is very popular with crafters and sewers because it is easy to work with and produces a very cool graphic pattern. This cotton or microfiber material has traditionally been used for blankets, bathrobes, dishtowels, and of course, long underwear. The texture provides more surface area which is useful in cleaning industries. It is usually woven on a loom which makes it exceptionally durable and absorbent, and the tiny squares make it lightweight and allows air to flow through the fabric.

Although this multipurpose material is the go-to fabric for long underwear, or thermals, it's not just for underwear anymore. The same qualities that make it so useful as thermal underwear have also made it all the rage for modern day tees.

No longer stuck in the 80’s, the waffle knit tee is now a wardrobe necessity, and worn on the outside instead of as an undershirt. It comes in a huge selection of colors, styles and designs. You can also wear them oversized like a dress, or tight like a standard t-shirt. The thermal properties of the fabric make it perfect for cool afternoons and quick trips to the store. They really pair well with just about everything from denim jeans to miniskirts and leggings. They even look great over a maxi dress, or as a maxi dress.

 Waffle tees are a must-have this fall and winter season, and can complement just about everything in your wardrobe. The waffle tee looks great on everyone from the defiant and sexy stars to the stay at home mom.

The tee has a flexibility of style to it and a no-frills, down to earth feel. You can wear it half-tucked in, with the sleeves pushed up, or accessorized with trendy retro jewelry. The waffle knit tee is a wardrobe workhorse providing comfort and great style. As a closet staple, you will want to get one in a multitude of great fall colors to celebrate the cool season!


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