Color Fashion 2017-The Year To Be Seen In Green

2017 greenery color of the yearPantone has declared that green is the color of the year for 2017, and not just any green but a distinct shade of green that characterizes the relationship between money and nature. The color is called “Greenery” and it is a very bold hue of frog green. As with all bold colors it is important not to take the suggestion too literally, as you may end up looking like a Muppet. However, when combined with other earth tones can become a huge style authority.

Your own complexion is an important consideration when incorporating this year’s greenery. Pale skin tones are better suited to darker tones that provide an attractive contrast. Bottle green is a great example of a color that goes great with pale skin tones. Bright colors and pastels should be avoided and will tend to make light complexions washed out.

Olive, medium skin tones and darker complexions can wear pretty much any color of green and still look great. Bold jade green and other bright colors are even better. The only colors these skin tones need to avoid are those that have brown undertones because they blend into the skin and make you disappear.

2017 color of the year greenery 2With this year’s greenery it is important to know how to combine all the element of your wardrobe. The only colors that can be worn from head to toe are black and navy. Wearing any other color exclusively is risky, but with green it is important to find the balance between adventurous and ridiculous.

Pantone has declared that this years “Greenery” is indicative of regeneration. Refresh, renew and regenerate are the themes that follow this year’s color choices. With that in mind, consider revitalizing the wardrobe staples you already have by exchanging them for similar pieces in this year’s fresh new tone.

Lode green is the familiar color of hunting cloaks, sweaters and pants. These are the classic pieces that make up the bases of a stylish wardrobe and is also one of the most wearable earth tone hue of green. This subtle green can be balanced out with this year’s green and the more traditional blues and browns to help give your style a unique personality.

2017 greenery color of the yearThe cooler months are the perfect time for this color combination. Pair it up with a crisp white shirt and brown or black accessories. A subdued wool overcoat can complement the look, and can also be ditched once you are inside, just in case it’s not your favorite. If you can’t afford multiple green items this year, a green blazer is a great choice and can easily be worn with beige, black and grey pants. Your staple black straight-leg jeans, a white shirt, and a simple caramel scarf thrown over a Loden-green suede jacket will give homage to this year’s color without overdoing it.

This color of the year will come in everything from fashion ware to homeware, so spend your green wisely this year and pick the best combos to create your own personal style flair and “Green” authority.  


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