November's Best Sellers--The Hot List Items to have this Month!

Hello VCB Girls!  Today we are rolling out a blog featuring this months best sellers.  Check them out, along with some styling tips below!

Lynnettte Knit Sweater--This cute sweater is great paired with flare jeans and booties for a dressier look or take a casual approach and pair with skinny jeans, sorels & a plaid scarf!  Take it up one more notch and throw a vest over the top for a winter friendly look! 

Zoe Flared Jeans--Girls, we say it all the time and we will keep saying it until you believe us-flare jeans are the way to go!  These cuties look great with your standard ankle booty and make your legs look long and lean!  

Kara Cardigan
--Ok girls, Let's talk basics and why every closet needs them.  A basic is a staple piece that is interchangeable in many situations, so let's talk about the Kara.  This lightweight staple is adorable paired here with a simple white tank but let's talk about all the other ways we can use this cardi.  How about for work?  Take the lightweight dress shirt & throw a thin cardigan over it to make it 4 season appropriate.  OR, what about pairing this over a short sleeve dress in the winter, and pairing with a tight and booties.  The beauty about this cardigan is how versatile it is---not too mention the great price! 

Brushed Hacci Cardigan
--Shown in two different colors & styles, this versatile cardigan makes dressing up or down simple!  This is another great staple piece that can easily be paired over a dress, with a basic tee or with leggings and tennis shoes as shown above!  

Any of the above styles will be sure to carry you through the winter season and into spring!  
Do you have a favorite VCB item from November!?
Comment below! 
And keep posting those selfies in the group, we might just feature you in one of our blogs!  


  • Lindsey Price: November 23, 2018

    I LOVE this!! I’m a stay at home mom that really get’s excited when I actually wear “real” clothes so I already adore VerClare and I’m excited to have the inside scoop on what’s trending right now! :)

  • Lindsey Price: January 15, 2019

    I LOVE this! Not that every VerClare piece isn’t amazing but I’m a stay at home mom that really gets excited to put on “real” clothes and look cute so this is great for knowing what’s on trend right now!! :)

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