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A VerClare Boutique Style Guide

  • Waffle-Tees: From Underwear To Wardrobe Necessity

    Alright girls, it's been a while since I posted-but I want to talk about one of this season's hottest styles-WAFFLE KNIT. Some call it Pique, others call it Thermal Knit, and some call it Honeycomb Fabric.  These are just a few of the names for this versatile fabric that is known for its woven recessed square pattern. Not to mention, the pattern resembles one of Americas favorite breakfast foods, waffles (WHO DOESN'T LOVE WAFFLES), and is available in different weights, from very fine all the way through coarse.

    Just a...

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  • A Few of My Favorite Things

    Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night for a few of my favorite things!  Here is a copy of the video as well as the links to the products I talked about!

    Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below!  

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